Get a Second Opinion

Dr. Hopkin’s unique advanced qualifications and years of experience treating spinal disorders offers a distinct skill set for rendering a knowledgeable second opinion. He is available to see you for a consultation and review your condition and films to help you make the proper decision about treatment.

Certain aspects of spinal surgery can be very complicated, once your problem has been accurately identified and explained, a proper course of treatment surgical or non surgical can be designed specifically to help eliminate your pain and discomfort. With the use of high resolution MRI images Dr Hopkins will explain the mechanical problem and offer his solution for repairing it.

For some surgery is not the correct course of action and other remedies are available to alleviate pain. Many patients are surprised to learn that their condition does not require surgery and can be treated using a non surgical approach. Unfortunately, sometimes the body doesn’t heal itself and surgery has been deemed the best possible method to repair the problem. Once a patient is armed with an accurate and informative examination, they are more apt to understand the role that surgery or non surgical care has in improving their condition. Dr Hopkins uses the most minimally invasive techniques possible and is MAST Certified

Living with constant pain is depressing and can affect all aspects of life, an educated and discerning second opinion can be critical in helping you make the right decision and weigh the risks/benefits and alternatives to surgery.

It is critical that you get your second opinion from a spine specialist who is qualified to offer an opinion. Please keep in mind that the doctor should be a board certified Orthopedic Surgeon who is well trained, having done a Spinal Fellowship from a recognized prestigious program and who is trained in the latest technology with privileges at preeminent four star hospitals.

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