Patient Testimonials

Real Patients with Real Stories

Everyone knows how it feels. You want to ask your doctor important questions about your condition, pain or treatment, but are being rushed through the appointment. You can’t summarize your medical history in 30 seconds just to meet the appointments allotted time.

Being rushed, having quick explanations and snap decisions do not correlate to a good outcome. You want to be able to have a conversation about the best way to get back to living without pain.

When you visit Dr. Hopkins, you will have his undivided attention. You will have time to discuss and explain your condition and what the next steps toward resolving your pain should be. You are able to ask any questions you need to, so you can figure out what you want to do and what you are comfortable with. Dr. Hopkins truly cares about you and will help you strengthen your resolve with whatever choice is made.

Please select a testimonial from the list for an in depth look on how Dr. Hopkins cares. He will help you get back to a healthy life and healthy living without pain.

Alina Hernandez
Five stars for Dr. T. Hopkins is not enough to rate his excellence as a surgeon and medical practitioner. If you are contemplating spine surgery, thank your lucky stars that by some miracle you ended up in his care and not in the hands of other doctors, like I did.

Michael Buffer
In 1999, while walking my dog, I found myself practically paralyzed with back pain. Somehow I got back into my house and with a call to my general practitioner was able find a little relief with the usual dose of steroids…

Chris Atkins
Christopher Atkins has been acting since he was 18 years old, starring in over 100 movies and television shows. “Blue Lagoon” featuring Chris and Brooke Shields, was a huge hit…
Tierre Turner
Tierre Turner has been a stunt man for 28 years and has doubled for actors like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ice Cube. He has also been a stunt coordinator for movies like “Dumb and Dumber 2,” “3 Stooges,” “Hall Pass,” and “Stuck On You.”

Catherine Clemente
Catherine Clemente is a dog trainer in California and has been married for 40 years. In 2003, on her way to a dog show, with her dogs harnessed in the car, she was getting on the freeway when a coyote cut her off. “I swerved to miss him, my car spun out and slammed into the side of a mountain and rolled over.”

Bob Morrison
Bob Morrison is a retired child therapist who enjoys restoring old cars and furniture, building drone-sized flying models, and hang gliding. Bob has a “very, very bad back,” that was initially the result of hang gliding.

Lister Coleman
Lister Coleman is a professional grip for television and motion pictures, a very physically demanding job. He’s on his feet 10-12 hours a day lifting and moving heavy equipment across stages. He describes his work as “extremely intense,”