Chris Atkins

ca1Christopher Atkins has been acting since he was 18 years old, starring in over 100 movies and television shows. “Blue Lagoon” featuring Chris and Brooke Shields, was a huge hit. Although he’s made his career in acting, he grew up playing high school baseball and says he’s always loved sports and the outdoors. “I was an athlete. My dream was always to play pro baseball.” That dream looked like a reality as he was being scouted by the Phillies, but after three knee surgeries in high school and a lucky break in the the acting world, his dreams took a different path. Chris said the movie business came out of nowhere, “I wasn’t looking for it, it sort of found me.” He jokes about figuring out what he wants to do when he grows up. “My sister is a Ph.D. in cellular biology at Yale University, my brother is an emergency ultrasound specialist from Yale practicing in Wellington, New Zealand, and I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!”

Chris has been very active his whole life and had been experiencing some back pain, but a car accident amplified his back problems and took a toll on his lifestyle. ca3Chris said sometimes it only took tying his shoe the wrong way and his back would “go out,” causing pain and inability to walk for brief periods. The occurrences continued to happen more often, for longer. Chris visited Dr. Hopkins after being referred by his general practitioner, but not without careful consideration. Being from a family with many members in the medical field, he and his family did their research. It didn’t take him long to realize Dr. Hopkins was the right choice. “The thing that is fascinating about Dr. Hopkins is he just came very highly recommended, and everybody raved about this guy.”

While in the waiting room at Dr. Hopkins’ office, Chris began talking to another patient. “The patient was raving about Dr. Hopkins and how he had done her neck, and she said the thing she really liked about him was, he is really, really thorough.” Dr. Hopkins met with Chris and revealed that he had, at some point in his life, actually broken his back. Chris jokingly said to Dr. Hopkins, “What do you mean I had a broken back, was I there?” After thorough testing, Dr. Hopkins diagnosed his condition and set up a course of treatment. Chris said it was “fascinating” that the lady he spoke with in the waiting room was right. “I had every test known to man done to me, and he sat down with me and went through every single solitary one of them. He took his time with me, and told me about what he saw and then what he recommended.”

The active lifestyle Chris once enjoyed was now getting a second act. “He had me walking and doing stairs the very next day after putting in a plate and an artificial disc.” Chris says he was “so impressed” with Dr. Hopkins. Not only does his life call for him to be active, but so does his job. “My life has only been enriched by Dr. Hopkins,” says Chris. “I recommend everybody to him, and I wouldn’t even be doing this testimonial if I absolutely 100% did not mean that. He’s a phenomenal doctor. In my book, this guy’s a miracle worker.”